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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Download Carnatic music Collections Free

Carnatic music (also spelled Karnatak music or Karnatik music, and originally called Karṇāṭaka sangīta[1] or Karṇāṭaka sangītam in India) is known as one of the two styles of Indian classical music,  the other being Hindustani music. Its classical tradition is from the southern part of the Indian subcontinent, and its area roughly corresponds to the four modern states of South India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

The main emphasis in Carnatic music is on vocal music; most compositions are written to be sung, and even when played on instruments, they are meant to be performed in a singing style (known asgāyaki).[2] Like Hindustani music, Carnatic music rests on two main elements: rāga, the modes or melodic formulæ, and tāḷa, the rhythmic cycles

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